10 Golden Rules to Success in IVF

Psychology is very important for IVF treatment. You must believe in yourself and never forget how far you already come. Stress affects the treatment so don’t hesitate for sharing feelings with the people around you. Your loved ones will understand your feelings and help you to be better.

On procedure day, patients must be get away from hot waters such as sauna, hammam etc. for avoiding sweating. You can take a shower one day later. After 12 days the patient will have a blood test. The blood test will show us the pregnancy status. Before the blood test patient must avoid sexual activities.

Affect of the hormone drugs, the patient may have body issues such as swelling of breasts, a pinkish or white vaginal discharge or pain in the groin and waist. In these situations, the patient must be calm and if bleeding happens immediately call the doctor and try to relax.

After the procedure, if the patient has a chance for resting, we suggest resting for 2-3 days. The patient must be away from stress and need to be relaxed. You must avoid that do not force your body for anything such as lifting heavy stuff. This will increase the conceiving chance.

The patient must stay away from smoking, drugs and alcohol for having a healthy life for their baby. Eating healthy foods will affect both you and your baby. We strongly suggest avoiding acidic beverages, packed food and coffee. Add your diet especially protein-based foods such as egg, meat, fish and yoghurt. Don’t forget to eat fruits. Taking vitamins from fruits are important for a baby’s life.

Avoid people who have contagious diseases such as colds, flu… If your doctor gives permission take flu vaccination. It is important to not be sick in this term.

If the patient has continuously used medicine for illness, the patient may face thyroid, sugar, eye drops problems. Don’t hesitate to let know your doctor and don’t forget to make joggings for your physical and psychological health.

Medication is very important for IVF treatment. If your doctor gives you medicine please read the prospectus carefully.

Don’t give up your social life. Being socially active makes you happier. Love yourself and your baby. Take support from your loved ones.

If you stress not leaving you, please take psychological counselling for making yourself more comfortable.

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