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1. Certifications

Assisted reproduction is increasingly having a greater social and health impact in the world, for this reason it has been essential to legislate it properly. In this sense, it was considered mandatory to create some type of accreditation or certificate that shows that the activity is being carried out with the highest quality and safety standards

Therefore, these certificates demonstrate that we are working with the best possible standards in the market.

Although there are several different certificates depending on the sector and the environment in which you work, in the field of assisted reproduction the most important are:

  • ISO 9001: general regulations on quality management systems that demonstrate that the organization meets its requirements and needs.
  • UNE 179007: more specific than ISO 9001, as it refers to health services and quality management systems specifically for laboratories of assisted reproduction
  • Criteria for laboratories of assisted reproductive techniques are unified.
  • It allows to demonstrate the level of excellence of health organizations.
  • It takes into account the level of management, security, control, traceability and quality indicators in all assisted reproduction processes.

At Cyprus Fertility Centre we have ISO9001 and UNE179007 certificates, which proves us as a qualityreliable and safe organization.

Specifically, these certificates guarantee and ratify that we are committed to the safety of both our employees and our patients, which is reflected in all our protocols and action measures audited by this regulation.

Having these certificates guarantees Cyprus Fertility Centre as a leading organization in the sector, ready to provide you with the service you need quickly, safely and with incomparable quality.

At Cyprus Fertility Centre we want to demonstrate our commitment to patient satisfaction, as well as continuous improvement. We are convinced that a good human and professional team is a guarantee of success.