Egg Vitrification

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Cytoplasmic Transfer

What is fertility preservation?

Preserving a woman’s fertility consists of freezing her eggs at an age where they still have good potential to achieve a pregnancy.

Steps of the process

Fertility preservation consists of 3 main steps:

Egg Vitrification25

Ovarian stimulation + gynaecological tests


Egg collection


Egg vitrification

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How is the treatment performed?

General information

When is egg freezing recommended?

Fertility preservation in women is recommended in the following cases:

  • When a woman wishes to postpone her reproductive plan
  • When a woman will receive treatment which may affect her reproductive capacity

How is egg freezing performed?

To preserve a woman’s fertility, her eggs must be collected through stimulation treatment and ovarian puncture, similar to that which is performed during In Vitro fertilisation (IVF). The collected eggs will be frozen through the vitrification technique, which offers better guarantees in subsequent thawing and increases oocyte survival rates.

Can all women freeze their eggs?

No, in order to preserve a woman’s fertility with a good guarantee for success, her age and ovarian reserve need to be considered.<

How long can the eggs stay frozen?

he eggs can stay frozen for the necessary period of time without any effect on their quality.

What do I have to do when I want to use my frozen eggs?

In order to use these eggs, they must be thawed in the laboratory for fertilisation with sperm from the partner or a donor. The collected embryos are maintained in culture for transfer 5 days later. The embryos that have not been transferred will be frozen.

The woman will have to prepare her endometrium with oestrogen and progesterone hormone replacement therapy in order to receive the embryos.